OurAimFoundationThe population in the rural of Sub Traditional Authority matuwamba Mchinji, are facing difficulties in accessing clean water. Chief of Kabuule Village has told our AIM Foundation Malawi projects coordinator of Clean water that the area hasn’t had a clean water source since a borewell in 1976.
Government and other Non governmental organizations promise to assist with a borewell but nothing happens.
The people in the area resolve to drink/use swamp water and open wells that cause villagers water borne diseases that are reported frequently. “Our voices are not considered because we are in boundaries of Malawi and Zambia.” said the chief of the village.
Magret Phiri, a woman from the area, agreed with chief and has requested Our AIM Foundation to help Village with Clean water.
Kabuule Village has a 54 households and in a distance of 4 kilometers to find clean water. We call on those that can to support these households with clean water.
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